NatsuDragneel445's Mod Application

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NatsuDragneel445's Mod Application

Post by Brandoman667890 » September 26th, 2018, 8:21 pm

-In Game Name Is NatsuDragneel445
-i want to be a mod because i feel like id be a very good addition to the team because i know plug ins very well and i am good with core protect especially and i also want to help keep the community great with the rest of the team :)
-I would be a good mod because i am very good with plug ins and if there is a plug in i've never use before i learn really quick and i am very good with core protect and good with plugin premissions
-What i think i could bring to the server is a positive vibe and i could help the staff greatly because i have lots of time to be on and can be on when alot of the others cannot and i can help solve problems and help keep the community positive
-My Experience i have is i have had my own minecraft server before and i did all my plug ins all my premissions and all my ranks i also have experience moderating a buddy of mine server
-My age is currently 20
-My time zone is Mountain Standard Time
-My First And Only Language is English
-I have played on ClownerCraft For Aprox. 2-3 years now
-I Spend upwards of 10 plus hours and can be on during times that other mods cannot

Thank you for you time -Brandon


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