Martsrox8 mod application

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Martsrox8 mod application

Post by Martsrox8 » September 14th, 2018, 9:57 pm

My name is _Martsrox8! I wnt to be a mod because I love the server, I have been playing for 2 yrs, and I would love to help out!
my name is Marti, I have a discord wich is Martiplaysminecraft, #5597, and I would be a good mod because I love helping people, and I would be happy to help out with bugs! I am very good at fixing fights with people, and I would try to keep the server in peace :D :D :D!!!!
I was a moderator on my friends server, it is a private server so I cannot share the name, but you have to apply to be able to play! I was moderator on that and helped to keep the community calm.
I am 15, and I am on eastern standard time. I speak fluent english and italian, and I play every day!
I am not that good at typing, so I hope you dont care about spelling errors! :D, I will be dedicated to being a mod! and I will not abuse the power of a mod.
also, I have sent in applications before, and this is my edit app, so dont mind my others apps!:P
thank you for reading this!

tank uuu!


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