How to Apply for Trainee-Mod

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How to Apply for Trainee-Mod

Post by TheClowner » September 12th, 2018, 5:12 pm

We are currently looking for new team members for the role of Moderator.
If you would like to apply, please create a new topic in this forum.

To apply you need to meet the following criteria:
  • You must not have been banned permanently
    You can check this by searching for your name on
  • You must be an experienced player on our network, with at least Bronze-Age (survival) or Apprentice (creative) rank.
    You should have a good understanding of how our network, and the individual servers within it, works.
  • You must have Discord.
    We use discord to communicate out of game, and you are expected to help moderate our official discord server.
    While having discord is required, you are not expected to speak if you do not want to or are unable to.
  • While we don't have a set age requirement, you must be old and mature enough to be comfortable seeing adult topics (as you need to recognise and deal with these if people bring up inappropriate things in chat either in game or on discord).
  • Trainee-Mods are selected based both based on your application and how you act within our network.
    We take into consideration everything we've seen you do, and any issues staff have had with you before.
Our Network moderators fulfil a number of roles, from fixing greifs, reviewing rankups as well as moderating the chat. They're here to support and help our players - but it often can make you become the bad guy, and can often result in players arguing with, insulting or in other ways just making your day worse. You should be prepared to deal with a variety of different people and situations if you wish to become a mod.

What to include in your application

Please be careful about what information you include - avoid posting your full name or date of birth etc. to protect your own privacy.
  • Your ingame name(s);
  • Why you want to be a Mod;
  • Why you would be a good Mod;
  • What you could bring to ClownerCraft or how you think you can improve our server network;
  • What experience you have in moderating (be it minecraft, or within any other game);
  • Your age;
  • Your Time Zone;
  • Your first language, and any other languages you can speak fluently;
  • How long you have played on ClownerCraft (approximately);
  • How much time in a week you spend playing on the network (approximately).
What happens after you apply:

Applications are reviewed every so often, but it can be a long wait between us bringing on new trainee mods. We try to avoid having too many people to train at once.

Following the application you may be selected for an interview with some of our staff, this does not guarantee you a position on the team - it is just another step in the application process. Successful applicants will become a Trainee-Moderator on our network, and will start to be trained in the way we handle things.

Donations/purchases from the store do not aid your application.
We do not give specific information about why we don't accept people's applications.

Please do not spam this forum with multiple applications, if you wish to update the information in your application please edit the existing topic!

Thanks for considering applying to be part of the Clownercraft team.

Thank you, and Good Luck
The CLC Team


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