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Christmas Build Contest

Post by TheClowner » December 4th, 2016, 1:32 pm

This Christmas:
ClownerCraft will be running a Christmas Themed build contest.

You will have a whole week to build your submissions in /contest.

You will need to claim a plot after WEDNESDAY the 14th December in order to participate. Building Starts on FRIDAY the 23rd December, and ends on 30th December.

Winners will be announced (and prizes given) on TUESDAY 3rd January

–= PRIZES =–

Each plot will be scored out of 100 by each judge, and any plot that averages a score of more than 40 will win a prize, as well as more prizes for first, second and third places.

Each Plot with more than 40 points (average) will receive:
16 Tokens & $10,000 in ClownerCraft survival

Each Plot with more than 70 points (average) will receive:
32 Tokens & $50,000 in ClownerCraft survival

Third Place plot will receive:
100 Tokens & $100,000 in ClownerCraft survival

Second Place plot will receive:
200 Tokens & $150,000 in ClownerCraft survival
Plus a $5 discount code for

First Place plot will receive:
500 Tokens & $300,000 in ClownerCraft survival
Plus a $10 discount code for

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