Needing Staff Opinion

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Needing Staff Opinion

Post by TheRealDevjoll » July 8th, 2015, 9:31 am

I've been noticing now for a while that I actually have quite a few unfinished projects on this server. I always have some grand plan to build some massive mansion, hotel, city, or whatever else to get me to either Modern or Future and always end up deserting them once I get about 75% of the way done with them. I was hoping staff could take a look at the projects I've been working on to determine if it's actually necessary that I start on a new project or if it would just be better to finish the ones I've started and submit a rank up request on the build forum. I'll post to coordinates in this topic.
Build 1:
X -528 Y 124 Z 31937
Build 2:
X 726 Y 70 Z 31520
Build 3:
X 5645 Y 70 Z 1231

Thanks for looking.
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