Skelebone2000's Moderator Application

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Skelebone2000's Moderator Application

Post by Skelebone2000 » August 17th, 2018, 7:22 pm

In Game Name:
Why I want to be a mod:
I've been playing on this server for a while now and I kinda feel obliged to give back to it. I also love to use my experience to help other people and make their gameplay more enjoyable.
Why I would be a good mod:
I feel that I would be a good mod because I love to help others out and have a good impact on the gameplay of other people. I want to keep this server the same great community it is today and help keep the server open and fun for everyone.
What I could bring to Clownercraft:
I can bring to Clownercraft my passion to help others, I can help guide new players and give them the sense that they are welcome in the community. I can also help players with all their problems no matter how small they are.
What experience I have in moderating a server:
I've had around 2 months of experience as a head-mod on a different server, but I've helped others online whenever they need it.
Age and Timezone:
16, EST (GMT-4)
English and Hindi
How long I've played:
Around 3-4 years if my memory serves me right
How much I play a week:
As of now, I play around 15-25 hours a week


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