Moderator Application- Kerplis

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Moderator Application- Kerplis

Post by Kerp_da_derp » May 23rd, 2018, 2:57 pm

Okay, i am trying this again ;)
-Ingame name: Kerplis, Skype name: Kerp_no_derp
-Why i want to be a mod: I really wish to help the server! Over the 1.5 year i have been here, this has become one of my favourite servers out there! I play on here a lot, and i would really like o contribute to the server! I love helping people, which is a mods main job. I can do all sorts of commands, i could deal out tickets in mass amounts, i have some experience with server plugins.
-Why I would be a good mod: As i have already stated before, i have experience with commands and plugins. I can deal with bad behaving players well, and i can manage trolls and griefers. I can be helpful to new players, while being nice to the veterans. I also have new idea to bring and am very open to changes that might occur on the server.
What could i bring to Clownercraft: A good, helpful mod! I would do all i can to help manage the server! Also, its nice to have a mod who has a sense of humor. :)
Experience in moderating servers: I have been a moderator on 2 servers before, one was a semi-vanilla server and the other one was a semi-anarchy server. (no hackers allowed) I have also owned 3 servers before: Nostalgiacraft, SkellyMc and Kerpcraft. Nostalgiacraft is still active to this day, although I dont go on it. (It reaches aplayercount of around 30 players/day)
-I am in the Central european Time Zone, although i come on in times when American (or other) players play. I am 16 years old, and i live in the Czech Republic.
-I speak both Czech and English fluently, my other languages are Slovak, Polish, and German.
-I have played on Clownercraft for approximately 1.5 years, 63.57 days in the game statistics.
-I play about 30 hours a week, and try to play at least for a bit each day.

-Other: I am sorry for my sarcasm on the server. Please dont dismiss mebecause of that. :cry: If Jaffla is reading this, remember that i helped you while you were here in Prague. :roll: Not suggesting anything. :) Sorry for bad grammr or typos.

-Sincerely, Kerp :D


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