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Post by xXBen_PlayzXx » March 25th, 2018, 4:07 pm

Hi, my name is xXBen_PlayzXx i would like to apply for trainee mod for the great server of clowner craft!

I am diamond rank on clowner craft!

I have never been banned and hope to never be!

I have a discord/skype/Teamspeak. (I will give info if I get the job :D)

I want to be a mod because I love helping people and really think I could help this server out I even have a couple of mini-game ideas!

I would be a good mod because I have been here long enough to know what is needed to be a mod and how I could help.

I think I could bring to clowner craft a couple of mini-game ideas.

I do have experience with moderating on another server but had to resign due to some family issues.

My age is 14 yes a little young however I am very mature for my age I am in the eastern standard zone in the u.s.!

My first language is English.

I have played for 2-3 months aproximentley and about 12 days total in that time. (i got that from the static's bar)

I would say in a week i play al least 17hours!

Thank you so much for your time. Have a great day! :D


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