Moderator Application

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Moderator Application

Post by xXBen_PlayzXx » February 20th, 2018, 10:03 pm

-I would like to be a mod because I feel as if I could really contribute to the great server clowner craft. I also have quickly fallen in love with the server.

-I think I would be a great moderator because I have a love for helping people and overall just love this server! :D

-I know I could bring love and affection to other players on the network as I already have just this time in an even greater way.

-So far I have minimal experience in moderating servers I filled in on a different server for a friend for about two weeks while he was away on vacation and it was great so I figured why not do it with a server I already love!

-My age is 14 years old while most people think that is a bad thing I thank it is great due to my ability to help and understand some of the younger players on clowner craft while still being very mature for my age.

-My first and only language would be English!

-I so far have played about 2 months but I went to statistics and that equates to 9 days just about. however, i did take a week vacation otherwise it would have been a lot longer :)

-In a week I would say I play about 30 to 35 hours a week. :D


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