NatsuDragneel445's Mod Application

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NatsuDragneel445's Mod Application

Post by Brandoman667890 » April 8th, 2018, 10:04 am

- Name: Brandon IGN: NatsuDragneel445
- I want to become a mod for clownercraft because i am very good at helping others and learn plugins very quickly, and i am really familiar with rollback types of plugins and i also can be very level headed in very intense situations.
- I would be a good mod for your server because i learn plugins fairly quick and i am very familiar with rollback plugins, also i have run my own server mutliple times and have did all the premissions for it and am very good with premissions as well.
- I could bring very good plugins skills to your server and friendly attitude and fast ticket response because i have a lot of time usually and can be on very long hours everyday my current play time is 10 plus hours at least a day on mc alone so i could be on long periods of time to help others.
- None other than moderating my oww
-I am 19 years old 20 this year in september and my time zone is mountain standard time (US,Canada).
- My first and only language is englsih.
- i have approx. have been playing clownercraft for 1 and and a half years.
- I play at least 10 hours a day on mc a week 70 hours aprox.


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