ClownerCraft Turns 5! (And 1.13 news)

Updates to the server, including new features and fixes.
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ClownerCraft Turns 5! (And 1.13 news)

Post by TheClowner » March 28th, 2018, 2:46 pm

ClownerCraft has existed for 5 years today (28th March 2018).

The fact that we've got this far is utterly amazing, and I want to thank all those who play and support our network!

In the past we've run little events to celebrate the anniversary... However the staff team and myself have got a little caught up in other things this year - particularly preparing for the 1.13 which is expected to release soon.

That being said - everything on our store is now on sale at 50% off until Monday 2nd April (ends 23:59 GMT). Visit our webstore

For those curious, we'll be announcing exactly what our plans are in regards to the 1.13 update once there is an official release date. This is since some of our plans may take more time than expected, and we don't want to promise anything we can't deliver in time.

As usual with most Minecraft updates, we wont be able to update the server immediately. This is since we will be waiting for third party plugin updates, as well as updating those we've written for the network. We will start the process of updating once there is a 1.13 pre release. And as we normally do, the actual update will be staggered across the network - starting with Survival, followed by Creative and PureSurvival - the rest of the network will then follow.

We will update everyone with more information, and estimated times, once we have a release date for 1.13. 

If you have any queries please post them on this thread. We'll try to answer what we can, but be aware we haven't finalised everything for the update yet.

Thanks for the continued support

~Clowner and Team

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