Dreadfulness's T-Mod Application

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Dreadfulness's T-Mod Application

Post by Dreadfulness » October 30th, 2017, 7:47 pm

Dreadfulness Trial Mod App (V2 - Other one was outdated)

My Current In-game name is Dreadfulness though was formerly known as ReIics and my real name is Zachery.

Why I would like to be mod?

Too be a moderator on ClownerCraft would be a Honor, I've played this server for a good amount of hours and
It's like a second home to me. Since I am 18 Years old I am a senior in Highschool but this year am doing Online
So I am usually available and online the server 8-10 hours a day! My dedication, maturity, availability and fairness
I believe are greatly suited for the position.

Why would you be a good mod?

Like I stated above I believe I have the right qualities as a person for the position. Also, this is a very building oriented
server and because of that I believe i am even more suited. I have been playing Minecraft since the Alpha version.
Since then I have built many spawns and various things for other servers as well as my own projects. Having done this
I know what to look for in builds and what makes a build good or great. I also would bring my level head and fairness
without being biased to some players over others.

What could you bring to ClownerCraft?

I believe more than anything I would raise player happiness as currently staff members aren't always around.
But I am lucky enough to have half the day. 12 hours! to be on the server and helping whom it may concern.
I have been in the minecraft building scene for quite a long time now. Since this is a mainly building survival server,
I think that I would fit perfectly in the role. As moderators are judging peoples builds for rankups.

What experience do you have in moderating a server?

Since Alpha, I have played many servers only a few I had the drive and motivation to really delve in and help
the community, like this one! I have been a administrator for a 60 player server and moderator on a few 30 player servers.
Aswell as Builder on 10+ servers.

How old are you?

I am currently 18 years of age, I live in Washington, USA. So my timezone is PST ( Pacific Standard Time )


My first language is English, I am not fluent in other languages but I can get by with spanish.

How long how you played ClownerCraft?

I have now played ClownerCraft for a month, with around 6.5 hours per day. Within the first 48 hours I had achieved the Diamond rank on Survival
So i also know what ranks/skips take

How much time in a week would you say you play?

Approximately 35-40 hours a week.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this application!
~Sincerely Zachery/Dreadfulness


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