UghBionic's Staff Application

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UghBionic's Staff Application

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UghBionic’s Staff Application
Age: 14
Time zone:
London, Greenwich Mean Time
Skype (If yes, include Skype name):
Yes, (UghBionic) Tyler and Others have it.
Previous experience in moderation:
My previous experience in moderation was helping my friend with his temp server, but all it was is kicking random people who joined while he built. Also on another server which is a prison server that died out over a year ago.
Have you ever been banned/temp banned from a server?
I got a day banned for accidentally breaking one of my friends block on his house but he didn't mind because I mended it. I appealed and was allowed back on
What has motivated you to apply for staff here?
Because I would like to help make the server a better place and stop people arguing, causing mayhem and annoying other players. I would also like to put my ideas forward and hope I can succeed
What would you do if a younger player was harassing you?
If a younger player was harassing me I would tell him to stop and on the third strike I would ask somebody if I can mute him for 10 minutes due to harassment.
SCENARIO: owner/high ranked staffs are online but very busy. A player is in a unique situation that training has not prepared you for and you are not sure what to do. Do you contact the owner/high ranked staff to make sure your response is correct, or do you go by your gut and deal with the situation even if the your response might not be correct?
I would try and tackle the problem full on and use all my training to solve the problem because I don't want anyone to have any problems and I want to give the people of the server a happy community and not to have an argument over something as little as this.
When are you most active on the server?
I am active on the server 4pm to 10pm Mondays to Wednesdays and 10am to 8pm on Weekends. Also I am quite active on holidays but I may not have Wi-Fi if I’m in another place
Any other information you want us to know:
I have my Banner shop that has help people when they want banners made; also I own a shop at /Warp Duck that is well stocked. As well as me playing my ‘Find me at Duck’ game and others enjoy the 5k prices if they win.



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