Joiined's Builder Application

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Joiined's Builder Application

Post by Joiined » July 5th, 2017, 3:15 pm

- Your name & in game name(s)
My in game name is Joiined

- Why you want to be part of the Build team
I feel like I want to help out more in ClownerCraft. I also have a strong passion and desire to build. I would like to have practice in a team while using my strengths to help out ClownerCraft.

- What you could bring to the team? What sets you apart from other players.
I wouldn't say I am the "BEST" builder, but I feel that I am decent enough to know how a team works and the responsibility. I am available almost all the time. I am also able to communicate maturely and properly to older people than me.

- You must show us evidence of what you have built before. For building related, screenshots of a build would be fine - for developers please provide some examples of previous projects.
This is the build from my player to diamond skip
This is a medieval-modern style I built

- How much experience do you have building in a team
To be honest, I've never actually built in a team, but I am flexible to new ideas and you always have to start somewhere.

- Your Age and Time Zone
13 and EST

- How long you have played on ClownerCraft (Approximately)
Almost 3 years.

- How much time in a week (on average) would you say you play?
I can play around 40-70 hours a week.


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