KristCrafter build team application

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KristCrafter build team application

Post by Kristjan » April 10th, 2017, 3:38 pm

name: Kristjan
in game: KristCrafter

i wanna be in build team becuse i like to build thing for another Peoples and all them i have build to say it is cool ,Nice or its amazing so i feelt that this is something that suits me. :D

my age is 15 but i been 16 monday 04.17.2017, i lived in norway time is +1h from uk

I have playd on clowner Craft in 2 years and 10 mouth this is the only minecraft server i have on my list thats becuse this is the only good server i have playd on

i have no pitures of something i have build but if you wanna see something just ask me in the game and i show you something i have build there


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