Heres_Lucians Mod Application

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Heres_Lucians Mod Application

Post by Heres_Lucian » August 3rd, 2017, 6:20 pm

Heres My Mod Application Before i start i just want to say one thing. Now this probably wont get me to be any sort of staff but, im a stone rank, i know you would like me to be bronze but i hope this dosent matter for this one time :?

- My In Game Name Is "Heres_Lucian" And My Real Name Is "Lucian" (loo-see-an)

- Id Like To Be A Mod As I Love The Clownercraft Community And What It Is And Id Like To help and participate by being a mod to stop hackers, bad words and all of it! And its a very nice thing to have a [mod] tag next to your name!

- id be a good mod as i`m a friendly guy and if i get a job i`m very responsible to do what i`m meant to do.

- I Think i could make the server a better place for new comers by there not being any bad people running lose on the server

- Again this wont get me the job probably but...None. iv had none but i know how to do it :3

- Im 10...probably to young but its a all age server, i`m very mature for my age though.

- I speak i come from England

- I have played on Clownercraft for a good month and a half now, i hope its enough

- about 3 to 7 days of a week

- My Time Zone is UTC+01:00

Also if i do become A Mod (very unlikly :lol:) is there a way of becoming duck staff?


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