Rosslyn's Mod Application

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Rosslyn's Mod Application

Post by Ross » August 2nd, 2017, 11:29 pm

Ingame Name / Fist Name:
My in game name and first name is both Rosslyn but often people just call me Ross in real life.

Why do you want to be a Mod?
I've always been withdrawn and shy about communities no matter what they was for. I joined ClownerCraft purely because of my wife who got me to get on a while ago. Since then I've been active minus the few times I had to stop due to internet being off or struggling with real life battles. ClownerCraft and Minecraft have helped me through depression a lot and I simply wish to give back to the community that pulled me through the rough patches.

What you could bring to ClownerCraft?
I am not very experienced when it comes to commands that are for creators only but I am quick to learn but I do have brilliant people skills and can easily calm down a uproar with words alone may they be by my voice or typing. It's something I am very proud of. I've also noticed that some times that the server is dead without Mods on and I wish to be able to fill these gaps if possible. I often see newcomers or people who are struggling and need assistance and sadly, can't get help straight away. I'm also decent at building but I've always focus on the mining aspect of Minecraft rather than the actual build. I'm currently Diamond Rank as of this post's time.

What experience you have in moderating a server?
I'm not sure if this is even worth mentioning but I once had a server through BisectHosting. It was a Roleplay server that had many plugs in such as WorldEdit, Essentials, so forth. I know the codes but it's been so long ago I'll have to have my mind refreshed but like I said, I click into things easier than a puzzle piece.

What's your age?
I'm twenty though I normally act way older. Often mistaken to be in my mid-thirties. (Which is always fun.)

What's your time zone?
Central Standard Time / UTC-06:00 / GMT -6 hours

Your first language, and any other languages you speak fluently?
Fluently, I can speak English. Though useless since it's dead, I'm also fluent in Latin.

How long you have played on ClownerCraft?
I've been playing since October of last year. I've been off and on due to issues mentioned above but now that my life is stabled I'll be on far more often.

How much time in a week would you say you play?
I have Insomnia so this can be fully 24 hours. It purely depends if this disorder acts up or not. I also am not online the days my wife is off work. She normally off twice a week. If I do get on that day it will be late that night in the 1 - 6 AM category. I am a night owl though so normally when the USA is suppose to be sleeping I'm on Minecraft. I can be contacted easily and I'll hop online as soon as I see the message. Normally I only don't reply if I'm sleeping or out of the house which is rare for me.
Mon - All day minus three - five hours I sleep randomly.
Tues - All day. / Wife is off. / Be on late or none at all.
Wed - All day. / Wife is off. / Be on late or none at all.
Thru - All day minus three - five hours.
Fri - All day minus three - five hours.
Sat - All day. / Wife is off. / Be on late or none at all.
Sun - All day minus three - five hours.

I have both Skype and Teamspeak. I prefer to give contacts only if needed.
I do not speak through calls if I don't have to.
Reason why is personal so I prefer state why privately.


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