Farmerclint's Mod Application

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Farmerclint's Mod Application

Post by farmerclint » July 27th, 2017, 1:37 pm

My name: Clinton Farmer In game name: Farmeclint Age: 13
I wish to be apply for Trainee Mod. I feel that I can assist the server in the ways of Reporting to existing ticket's, answering questions that player may have about the server or just about how to do something, and most importantly helping out the players throughout the ClownerCraft Minecraft server (be it Pure_Survival, Survival, Creative, Sniper_Town, etc.)
I have been playing on Clownercraft for about four months now and have gained the knowledge that its people are kind and peaceful. I consider the server as one of my favorites that I have ever played due the the people. I see a great future for the server with or without me as as moderator.
I attend the server about three to four times a week, and every time I get on Minecraft. Though sometimes I cannot play as much as I wish for because I do play football for my eighth grade school year and most likely for the next four years I remain in school. (I am currently a honor roll student and a great leader at my school.)

Thank you for reading my Moderator Application and I hope you can consider me a help to the server and a future Trainee mod.


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