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Re: I would like to be a mod please revised

Post by Mrpickles2004 » March 8th, 2017, 3:48 am

Name and ingame
My name is galaxy_panda_8 but in real life my name is Hayden clark.

Why do I want to be a mod.
I would like to be a mod because I like to see people and how they can further themselves. I really like to help people and be there if anyone needs anything. I like the part of any minecraft sever is the social and the communication. I also like how everyone is so caring and welcoming.

why would I be a good mod.
I feel that I would be a good mod because I always enjoy to be a big part of stuff. I always stay to my opinion and I think that it is important especially when I am doing a rank up. You will never see me in a unhappy mood, I always am positive and understanding. I have been enjoying all the mods and how they can help and how they can go out of there way just to help.

what could I bring to the awesome server!!!!
I feel like that sometimes when I am on there is never a mod when I need one. I remember someone saying they needed a mod and none of them came on for a wile. I feel that I can be there to help when no other mods are on.

What experience do you have with moderating.
I have none experience but I would like my first time on clownercraft. I am so eager and I am always engaged to learn.

my age and time zone
I am currently 12 years and I am in the U.S.A central time UTC-06:00 Texas

My first language and other
I speak English and I am learning little bit of Spanish.

How long have you been playing
I think I have been playing for a couple of months and I see my future as playing many more.

how long are you on every week.
I am usually on about 6 hours everyday, but with school come with some homework.

I am currently at the diamond-age and I have both Skype and team speak downloaded.

Thank you for reading my application and please tell me if you need anything.


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