N1ghthauq's Trainee-Mod Application

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N1ghthauq's Trainee-Mod Application

Post by N1ghthauq » February 20th, 2017, 6:34 pm

My name is Mike Samples, and my Minecraft name is N1ghthauq.
I want to be a mod because I like to interact with other players whether in-game or not.
I feel I will be a good mod because I have a wide variety of mods and know how to use them, so i also know how to tell when another player is using illegal mods such as x-ray, da flight mod, texture packs, and full bright. I am not too seasoned with hackers though, i do belive sometimes when someone is hacking its rather obvious.
I could bring a fun but serious mod to the network, I can be of great help too when it comes to suggestions for plugins.
I have no experience moderating a server unfortunately. :cry:
I am nearly turning 15 on march 4th, and i live in central us timezone.
I have joined 2 years ago but been active for 1 year.
I can spend up to 6 hours a week on the server.
I have skype and teamspeak 3.


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