Locdogg5000's Application

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Locdogg5000's Application

Post by Locdogg » November 9th, 2016, 12:07 am

Name and In Game Name
My name is Logan, my in game name is Locdogg5000.

Why You Want To Be A Mod
I would like to be a mod because I would like to help players rank up and fix grief. I would also enjoy helping server projects if needed.

Why You Would Be A Good Mod
I would be a good mod because I can help settle situations and I know the requirements for each rank.

How Could You Improve The Server
I think I could help the server because when I get home and play minecraft, there usually isn't a moderator on, so I could fill a small time gap where mods are not present.

Moderating Experience
I have only moderated one server before, but it was a factions server, very different from Clownercraft.

Age and Time Zone
I am fifteen years old and my time zone is Mountain Time Zone, UTC - 7:00.

First Language and Other Fluent Languages
I speak English and I am not fluent in any other languages.

How Long Have You Played Clownercraft
I have played Clownercraft for about Two and a half years.

How Much Do You Play Clownercraft On Average
I play Clownercraft for about Fifteen to Twenty hours a week.

I have skype and ts3 with speaking capabilities.
I am currently Aztec Rank.


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