Need ideas or input.

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Need ideas or input.

Post by groudzero » January 16th, 2020, 5:45 am

It's 2020 and I want to really want to start the year off right.

I'm starting to on a Aztec or Modern rank (currently Diamond) and I'm building a full on theme park covering a BIG area. Just so you know I'm the one who built the roller-coaster in the 'Mini-plot Contest' just to test a concept. I'm at the very early stages right now but I would like to know...

What type of rides would you guys like to go on and if you know what type of ride can I make without the use of command blocks?

I already have a full ice-boat racing track, a few gift shops and observation tower done; but I'm wanting to do something more than roller-coasters.
I would like to I make fully functional rides and not just for show like a Farris wheel.

Any ideas???
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