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RE: Blues's Father

Post by Tyylr2.0 » August 7th, 2018, 7:34 pm

Hey there! It's Tyylr! I noticed the topic that you asked about me was locked and I felt obligated to reply.I will take the time to respond to you because it has been a while since I had last seen you online after leaving the server. All of my things have moved over to the people who I believe deserve to have the items, even though I'm sure some people got a hold of things without my permission ;) but you cannot control other people. Don't worry about my builds :) I got them saved on a Single player world so I can keep them. Thanks for your concern, and I hope you're feeling much better, 33. You or your son can feel free to contact me via discord if you ever need anything Troye#1711 I'm always there to talk! Have a great one!

- Tyler

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