Our Fallen Angel

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Our Fallen Angel

Post by MissPinkMermaid » June 10th, 2018, 4:20 am

In loving memory of our lost soldier, Tyler.
Tyler was a moderator for the ClownerCraft network for 1 year. Upon his unfortunate departing of the network, Tyler was a great, helpful and wonderful Moderator. He will forever go down in ClownerCraft history as a tribute to time and the networks accomplishments. Take a moment of silence to observe the slideshow below… Thank you. He -tyler, the mod- shall forever be in our hearts, though some may not think that- I am sorry for those who do not.

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Re: Our Fallen Angel

Post by Anon420 » June 10th, 2018, 7:25 am

Yeah, someone who was an asset and wonderful moderator would be nuke the work-in-progress world spawn that moderators have spend hundreds of hours on before quitting. There have been dozens of other staff members that have contributed so much more to the server than he ever has or ever will, and on top of that resigned as staff in a respectful manor, and even continued to play on the server to help contribute to the atmosphere and overall prosperity. I doubt we'll ever see him back here again. The entire time I knew him he was finicky and manipulative and contributed nothing but toxicity to the server. As far as I'm concerned, good riddance.

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Re: Our Fallen Angel

Post by miimaster1 » June 10th, 2018, 7:29 am

I appreciate what he has done as a moderator, but what he has done is unforgivable. The fact that he's acting like he was wronged is ironically wrong. He went out of his way to insult and harass members of the server- including me. So my cold, empty heart is staying that way.

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Re: Our Fallen Angel

Post by anon421 » June 10th, 2018, 7:57 am

Look here, Annon. We know that you are devjol! Your think that we are actually that stupid? Stop hiding behind a fake name and come out into the sunlight! You are the rudest person I have ever met! You crap talk people behind their backs like it is no deal! Good riddance to you my friend. You are a scummy and manipulative person! You lie about people to get them into trouble so you and your posey can hide behind your few staff friends.. Delta, Damien, Eegers, Patcha and even some of the server staff members side with you guys. You guys are the epitome of what makes this server bad and it will always be this way as-long as you're able to join it! Don't bother responding sweaty, Im done saying what i have to say.


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