Some random statistics

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Some random statistics

Post by TheClowner » May 15th, 2015, 8:11 pm

I got bored, and decided I'd work out some statistics...

So, ClownerCraft has over 26,000 unique players that have joined.
4218 of which have played for more than 4 hours in total. (About 16.2% of the total)

753 players are Stone-age rank (2.896% of total, 17.85% of those who've played more than 4 hours.)
347 players are Bronze-Age rank (1.334% of total, 8.227% of those >4 hours)
145 Diamond (0.5577% of total, 3.438% of those >4 hours)
58 Aztec (0.2231% of total, 1.375% of those >4 hours)
37 Modern (0.1423% of total, 0.8772% of those >4 hours)
9 Future (0.03462% of total, 0.2134% of those >4 hours)

Naturally, these are only accurate for right now, and the stats exclude staff members.

Just felt I should share this. :D

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Re: Some random statistics

Post by chachy917 » May 15th, 2015, 8:17 pm

Cool. Now more to come! Soon!
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Re: Some random statistics

Post by TheClowner » May 26th, 2015, 10:16 pm

Some More stats:
The following are based on the responses to our feedback form, which gave us a sample of 56 players.

28.57% of our players are female, 71.43% are male.

3.57% are Under 10 Years old
19.64% are between 10 and 13 years old
37.5% are between 14 and 16
16.07% are between 17 and 20
and 19.64% are 21 or older.

96.4% would recommend Clownercraft to friends/family! Woohoo <3

25% of players found the server from friends/word of mouth.
14.29% found the server through a google search (Not sure what you people searched for to find the server, but fair enough)
44.64% Found us on a serverlist
and 5.36% found us via a youtube video. The rest found us some other way.

and finally:
Almost 40% of our players apparently prefer to build alone than with other people (Not to say theres anything wrong with that).

I would personally like to thank anyone who submitted their feedback - It's really nice to know a little more about who our players are - what they enjoy - and hopefully this will allow us to make the server much more fun for everyone.
Also, these stats are likely to be less accurate since it only covers 56 of our players - so it doesn't represent everyone, if you havn;t filled in the feedback survey and wish to - you still can!

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Re: Some random statistics

Post by AnnabethSolo0 » June 9th, 2016, 2:49 pm

How many of them are players? And how long have they played? :D If you know me, you know why I'm asking this.
I'm AnnabethSolo and I've spent the longest time (on usually one house) as a player rank! HOORAY!
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