Jehms mod app


Jehms mod app

Post by HeyItsGayle » September 6th, 2016, 5:26 am

Mod App August

Hello. My name is Jay, but people ussually call me Kawaii or Jehm, (from my username :P) and i am applying for trainee mod.
I want to be a mod because i love this server so much and i play on it almost everyday.
I would be a good mod because i always want to give anhelping hand to thoose in need.
I could think of many improvment to the server, like Mods being able to nickname people (if they ask) and themselves.
I have experiance moderating my friends server and im pretty prepared to do it on this one so... :)
My age is ten and my time zone is the Pacific.
I can only speak english.
Ive played on clownercraft for almost a year :)
I play pretty much 5 1/2 day every week.

And this is why i want to be a mod on the clownercraft non pvp survial server :)



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