Bionic's Mod Application

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Bionic's Mod Application

Post by Bionicpickaxe78 » June 9th, 2016, 10:26 pm

My Mod Application for ClownerCraft
-My name is Matthew Davies, I am known on Minecraft as Bionicpickaxe78.I am Diamond rank on the server. My first language is English and I can speak some French and little Spanish.
-I am 13 (14 on 4th November.) and my time-zone is (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Lisbon.
-I would like to be a mod as I really want to help people on the server and make the community more active
-I have on average been on Clownercraft for nearly 10 months or so and the only other experience with modding was when i help a friend on a private server and kicking the people who joined
-I have TS3 and Skype (my name is Bionic Pickaxe78)
-I can improve the server by suggesting ideas for more minigames and easier ways to rank up in game.
-On average i believe that i play Clownercraft whenever I’m available. But it can depend on school, homework or when I’m at my Dads

Thank you and i hope for the best


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