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Devjoll's mod app

Post by devjoll » May 1st, 2016, 2:53 am

Re-uploaded with lots of updated information]

***Note that I am no longer associated with the account Fatcakes88***

In Game Name: devjoll
Real Name: Jackson
Age: 18
Time Zone: Central US [UTC-6]
Languages: English
Clownercraft Experience: Played since May 2014
Other Notes: I have access to Teamspeak and Skype as well as a working microphone + a new laptop that allows me to play Clownercraft outside of the home.

I want to be a moderator because I really want to help out with this server and help keep the community the way it is. I'd be a good mod because I've had a lot of experience playing on Clownercraft and I have, in my opinion, a very clear understanding of the rules. and I feel like I can use my experience to deliver rational judgement to situations. I can improve the server by filling the "mod-free gaps"- I notice a large amount of time where there are no mods on the server, and often during those times people are causing chaos, and I feel like I could improve the server by being online during those times. Because of my new computer, I can allocate a lot more time to being an active moderator of the server. I have some experience owning a server and I'm in the process of learning plugins such as CoreProtect.

I know I've had problems in the past and I get why that might give you a negative outlook on my abilities to be a competent moderator. I know I've had problems with "mini-modding", arguments, rule-breaking, and even some altercations with former staff members, but I'm hoping that everyone here, including myself can look past that. I've been trying my best to get a better control over my anger, both in real life and in Clownercraft and I hope that these efforts can reflect positively on my ability to improve the atmosphere of the server.
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