Mod-Application March/April 2016

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Mod-Application March/April 2016

Post by xExoticxBikerx » March 30th, 2016, 2:10 am

Hi, my name is Ash and my in game name is xExoticxBikerx (was xEXOTICxBIKERx)

I would like to be a mod in ClownerCraft as its a server I like a lot! I would love the opportunity
to give back to this server by offering up my time and effort in keeping what this server is, an
amazing environment where good people come together build, chat, share stories and have fun
in the mini-games ClownerCraft has to offer.

I would be a good Mod as I am an enthusiastic person willing to put 100% in whatever I do,
I am eager to learn what it is to regulate a server and keep the server free from people
who intend to harm it. I personally have been griefed on servers and had nothing done to
fix or protect me from such events, the feeling it is not pleasant, being a Mod would allow
me to Stop such events happening to other people and fix damages. Being a Mod in
ClownerCraft would give me great satisfaction knowing I am one of the good guys doing the
right thing.

I would bring ClownerCraft a person who is patient, willing to listen to people and help them
in problems they may face. I work well under pressure and can deal with problems/issues and
resolve them efficiently. I could improve ClownerCraft in multiple ways. Firstly I am very
good at spotting problem's for example: When /warp Advent was open I was able to identify
multiple issues resulting in infinite items being rewarded to players, I was quick to report
and help TheClowner resolve the issue he faced. There have been multiple occasions such as
that. Being a Mod would allow me to not just spot issue but fix them! nothing beats the feeling
of fixing broken things. (<-In my opinion)

I have no experience in Moderating a server but I am very eager to learn the ways of a Mod XD so to speak.

I am 17 years of age, born on September 2 1998.
My time Zone is BST or in other words GMT +1 Hour.
My first language is English and is the only one I am Fluent in.
I have played on ClownerCraft for approximately 1/2 a year.(I don't remember but according to my friends
it seems to be 1/2 a year) On average a day I spend 2-3 Hours a day although a small warning I am up coming
exams which are extremely important to me and the time in spend on mincraft may decrease my I hope this
is not held againt my application.

Thank You!(If you managed to read all of that ^)


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