AJS9's Moderator Application

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AJS9's Moderator Application

Post by AJS9 » March 5th, 2016, 6:07 pm


I am AJS9 also known as AJ, I have been playing Clowner Craft since November 2014. Clowner Craft I believe, has an amazing community filled with friendly and helpful people. And what more, I would absolutely love to be able to contribute more as a Mod/Trainee. As is now, I can only do so much to help other players and it doesn't feel quite right to not be doing the extra mile and helping out where it really counts (Tickets, etc.).
I have plenty of experience as staff or moderator, but never on such a unique server. I would give it my all if were chosen. I have been playing Minecraft since alpha and know the game inside and out. I am from the Mountian Time Zone and I can be on 2-6 hours daily (depending on school, etc.) all of which I could dedicate to Moderating. I am friendly, helpful, and not afraid of work and I can usually work out problems leaving both parties happy. I am 15 years old and you can message me in game for my skype (privacy reasons). I speak fluent English and almost fluent French.

I would love to see Clowner Craft flourish even more from my attributes. :)


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Re: AJS9's Moderator Application

Post by -jereg- » March 6th, 2016, 10:00 pm

You were a great moderator and you got demoted for a forgivable reason. I think you would be very fit for the position. Hopefully you will become moderator!


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