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Logisticraft Suggestions

Postby wizkrys » March 23rd, 2017, 8:23 pm

So first there was my big thread o' suggestions for Survival. Now, however, comes my also semi-big thread o' suggestions for Logisticraft. In this thread I'll cover three main topics, so let's just get into it.

So currently, the way that the team mechanism for snipertown works, players can manipulate the game so they can get on a team with who they want. The way this works is because the game automatically assigns people to every other team, e.g. player 1 is red, player 2 is blue, and player 3 is red, so on so forth. However, I have seen people take advantage of this (myself included, but I realize how annoying it is and no longer do it) so that they can get on teams with their friends. There are a few reasons why this makes the game unbalanced:
1) Some players will deliberately leave and rejoin a game to get on the other team. This will cause the next player to join to make the game 1v3, 2v4, or some other unbalanced team number.
2) Players can use this to stack the odds in their favor - having one team with very skilled snipertown players, and another team with people who are new to the game or just not that good at playing.
3) Overall, if this were to continue to be a thing, I could very much see it frustrating players to the point of no longer wanting to player snipertown due to the same people winning over and over again because of it.

As for maps, I believe there could be a few more. I love the castle and city (huehuehue) maps, but I'd always be open for players making their own maps, because it just makes things more fun and interesting. For example, Nick (SoulStealer69) has made a snipertown map on his creative plot and is in the process of making another one as well. I think it'd be really cool to see it implemented. Also, I realized soon after the city map was uploaded and playable that there was a flaw with it - there is only one way to get out of the spawn. Because of this, there was just been this unanimous, unspoken rule that you don't shoot players who are trying to leave spawn, because it's very easy for them to get trapped. To fix this, I'd suggest making a tweak to the map where you can exit through the sides of the brick building and have it lead to other buildings or the road. And finally, on the castle map, people are still finding ways to shoot themselves across the bridge in order to get on the other teams side and shoot them. This makes the game extremely confusing and frustrating, so if the bridges could be made even shorter or even just removed so people could no longer shoot themselves to the other side, that'd be cool.

With the upcoming Skyblock-themed build contest, as well as a handful of regular Clownercraft players getting into the Skyblock gamemode, I figured it'd be appropriate to bring this up. I think it'd be really cool if Clownercraft had a Skyblock server for players. A classic twist on survival with challenges and its own economy - I think it could be really fun, and that quite a few players would want to take part of it. I could get into more details regarding this if the Clownercraft staff decided it would be a good fit for the server, but for now I'll leave it at this.

So once upon a time (about a month before I got unbanned from Clowner), I was staff on a server which was entirely custom minigames and gamemodes. Then I got unbanned from Clowner and quit the staff team, and the server went RIP. However, during my time on that server, I came up with my own custom minigame idea, and since it was never used, I thought it might be cool to bring to Clowner. I came up with this idea by myself, and as far as I am aware there are no other servers that use it.


The Basics
[*] Game has a minimum of four players, maximum twelve
[*] Game is timed and ends after 10 minutes
[*] Each map has a throne at the center
[*] There are two sides, attackers and defenders
[*] Two teams of maximum 6 people (Red vs. Blue)
[*] There are different classes available for the players to choose while waiting for the game to start, and more classes can be purchased using tokens (classes exclusive to attackers, defenders all have the same materials)

The Rules
[*] Do not cheat or hack in any way, this includes abusing/exploiting glitches
[*] Do not camp or spawnkill
[*] Do not "ghost"

The Gameplay
[*] A player is randomly selected to be "throned"
[*] The team of the throned player is now the defending team, the other team are now the attackers
[*] Attackers spawn on a random spawnpoint on the map, all equally distant from the throne, and must race/parkour to get to the throne
[*] Everyone gets items based on what kit they chose at the beginning of the game (or the default kit if none was chosen)
[*] The throned player must stay within a five block radius of their throne. Their teammates may build a box around the throne to help protect it.
[*] To dethrone a player, you must kill them. If they are successfully dethroned, they and their team will lose all their items and be teleported to random spawnpoints on the map, now acting as attackers. They will become the class they chose before the game started.
[*] The process continues until the 10 minutes are up
[*] The winner of the game is determined by whichever team had the longest amount of cumulative time on the throne (e.g. if combined red team members spent 6 minutes on the throne and combined blue team members spent 4 minutes on the throne, the red team would win)
[*] Each time you kill a player you earn 1 token
[*] Each time you dethrone a player your team all get 3 tokens
[*] If you win the game, your entire team will get 20 tokens each
[*] And of course, you can use your tokens to purchase kits

If I didn't explain any parts of this clearly enough, let me know and I will elaborate as best as I can. Otherwise, feedback of the game would be appreciated - whether it be constructive criticism of the games mechanics or simply stating whether or not this would be a game you'd actually enjoy. And, of course, if this is something that Clowner does decide he'd like to look into more, I could discuss the details with him.

Anyways, that's all for this thread, feedback is always appreciated, and thanks again.


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Re: Logisticraft Suggestions

Postby TheClowner » March 23rd, 2017, 10:47 pm

Good News! I finally stopped putting off implementing multi map stuff in SniperTown!
And I also made the teams randomly chosen at the start of the game now. So yeah.

I will try to add some more maps to the snipertown servers in the next few weeks.

As for a skyblock server, it's a possibility - we might wait until after the contest ends though :)

And for your final minigame idea - we have a lot of ideas planned already - It does seem really fun, so It'll join the list of ones to eventually make!

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Re: Logisticraft Suggestions

Postby RoboPlunger » March 24th, 2017, 5:40 pm

Snipertown - I do agree that the leaving and rejoining needed fixed, as it made the teams uneven in numbers, and it didn't always do that. When SniperTown was first successfully implemented with no issues it just put players on the team with fewer players. I don't necessarily agree with making it random. I don't see it being a problem that you could get on a team with your friends by having them join at a certain time. I don't really see that as making teams unfair as you just want to be able to be teamed with your friends.

SkyBlock - I really would like to see a SkyBlock server added. Me and quite a few other friends that play on ClCraft have been playing SkyBlock recently, as we really enjoy it. I think it would be really nice to be able to do so on the network as I've always loved the community. I've gotten a bit bored playing survival as i don't really want to put in the effort of getting future, so i haven't been playing on the server much at all. Id love to see SkyBlock added as it would give me a reason to come back.

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