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I have lost my Minecraft account...

Posted: December 4th, 2019, 1:05 am
by fertajiaclaymore
Hello Clownercraft Mods! It is Fertajiaclaymore. I recieved my minecraft account as a gift many many years ago, around 2010 I believe. Since then I have played countless hours on minecraft and Clownercraft has been the one server that I have been with the longest.

I ask that I may speak to a Mod or admin about switching accounts. I have absolutely no way to access my current account although I have many people who will vouch for me. I will be buying a new minecraft account soon and will be able to update on what my future Minecraft username will be.

I will need all of my saved homes to be transferred to this account, along with all items on Fertajiaclaymore, and items in the Enderchests. As well as all lockette signs replaced. (Though I can do the signs thing if I can just get them removed.)

I should be able to provide as much verification as possible. If you need to reach me I am also on Discord Feretta#3261