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Server TPS

Post by devjoll » February 5th, 2018, 1:33 am

So basically the server tick-rate has been consistently under 15 for the past couple of weeks and it's seriously impairing mine and others abilities to play on the server without major issues. It takes nearly a minute to eat food, takes sometimes hours for hoppers to process large quantities of items, makes mobs rubber-band and otherwise behave erratically, and many, many more issues. From what I understand, it's caused mainly by hoppers, and more specifically, a particular build that renders well over 2,000 hoppers at the same time. Since I know complaining about it won't fix the issue by itself, I have some solutions in mind.

1) Remove the build that renders 2000+ hoppers (as it seems to be the main cause of this TPS drop) and set a strictly enforced limit on the amount of hoppers that can be in one build. I know it may seem like this is "limiting creative freedom", but a build of that scale that creates that much of a substantially negative impact on the server "limits creative freedom" of everyone by association by making the server nearly unplayable because of the immense amount of lag.

2) Implement a server restart every hour. It seems to fix the tick-rate, albeit for a short time, after the server undergoes a restart, however normally the server quickly goes down to around 9-15 TPS as soon as the area with 2000+ hoppers is rendered. This would be more of a temporary fix until a further course of action is determined.

3) Hopefully as a last resort, but change hopper behavior to how it was previously at 3 items/transfer. As we've discovered before, this breaks quite a lot of redstone machines, so it should be used as a last resort. However, if it seems to fix a lot of the current server issues, then it would be for the best, I suppose.
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Re: Server TPS

Post by TheClowner » February 5th, 2018, 9:44 pm

So, A few things to say:

Firstly, the lag we've been experiencing is not the fault of one particular build... and the changes imposed to hoppers before were not because of any one build, but to deal with hoppers as a whole.
When we imposed those changes we did have the one oversight that we didn't realise having three items at a time would break so many redstone contraptions, and I tested a couple of sorters and they still worked fine. However, the main part of that change wasn't having three items at a time, but only transferring items once every 24 ticks instead of the default 8. The three items was supposed to balance out the slower rate. When we recently changed this to be 1 item at a time again I still left it at the slower rate.

That being said... I may have also changed another setting by accident and have now corrected which would have caused hoppers to create far more lag than intended... Sorry, this should be fixed now.
Hoppers will continue to transfer 1 item at a time, at a third of the default rate (once every 24 server ticks, or 1.2 seconds).

Ontop of that, I will say we do not remove people's builds - no matter what. We may disable redstone sections or whatever in order to reduce their load on the server, but as long as the build is not inappropriate or obvious grief, it will not be removed.

In saying that though - I do want to encourage all players to build fairly. By that I mean don't build excessively complex or big farms, and don't try to cram as much into a small area as possible. It's not fair on the rest of our player base if you're causing lag to the server so please be sensible so we don't have to step in and add restrictions on what people can do.


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