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Hopper Behavior

Post by devjoll » January 29th, 2018, 8:04 pm

Is there a reason hoppers don't function properly? Half of my redstone machines are broken right now because they transfer 3 items at a time and a lot of my machines rely on one item being transferred. From what I understand it's becuase someone built something that lagged the server beyond belief, but wouldn't it make more sense to disable that instead of breaking pretty much any redstone machine that requires a hopper and a comparator? I don't see how some of the redstone machines I've spend a very large amount of resources and time to build, sometimes spending weeks to gather the resources and put together the machines, are disabled because of apparently one person's actions instead of removing and/or disabling the machine that's causing the issue. For example, the casino project me and another player spent 2+ weeks on and tons of resources, including beacons, has to be abandoned because none of the redstone machines can function anymore.
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