Snipertown Update Feedback

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Which version of SniperTown do you prefer?

Original (SniperTown 1 & 2)
New (SniperTown 3)
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Snipertown Update Feedback

Post by TheClowner » November 22nd, 2017, 7:30 pm

Hi All,
We've opened up SniperTown 3 to test some changes to SniperTown.

These include reworking the kits to no longer give infinity - the hope being the game becomes much more strategic about landing good shots.

Please tell us what you prefer, this new version or the older 'original' SniperTown, which can be played on SniperTown 1 and 2.

IF you have any other suggestions please do reply to this thread!

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Re: Snipertown Update Feedback

Post by Tarajist » November 22nd, 2017, 8:40 pm

I've played a few games in the past and just now again with the new change. I think loosing the infinity was a great change and a good first step to making SniperTown more enjoyable and more 'snipery'. However a few glaring faults are still around.

Each time I've played I've been the last one on my team with lots of kills under my belt but a hopeless and boring slog to try and win. I always get bored and end up just standing out in the open to let the enemy kill me with my last few lives. Part of that is the sheer number of lives we are given. It just seems to go on and on! I think the game would be improved by doing away with this whole 'gaining/loosing armour' thing and just give each player a flat 2-3 lives. Once you loose them all, you're out.

Along the same lines as the gaining and loosing armour pieces, I don't think we should have armour at all. They make our hitbox bigger! Without armour we don't need things like enchanted bows to punch through armour (though of-course certain enchantments like Flaming or maybe low Power for a power sniper class could be fine in moderation). Perhaps armour also in moderation... but not complete sets. Perhaps the Tank might have an iron helmet and breastplate, y'know, enough to take an extra shot or two, but not so much to turn us in to Stay Puff Marshmallow Man with the hitbox to match. I think this could be an easy ditch if we also ditch that aforementioned 'gaining/loosing armour' thing.

A suggestion I think might help that goes along with the limited arrows... give the classes even less arrows but make them acquirable by the other team! ie: you fire a wayward shot at the enemy that does not connect, the enemy could now get to that arrow sticking out of the wall and use it against you. Right now it's still a bit of a spam fest, but with the addition of arrows that don't connect being reusable (if they can be reached) then people will have to consider their shots and REALLY try to make them connect or risk taking their own arrow to the dome because they were careless with it.

My last point is to the level designs. Some of the maps (the city one spring to mind first and foremost) have a glaring flaw in the spawn building. Only one exit that points directly at the enemy! This allows for easy spawn camping. Put some side entrances from the spawns so people can duck out to other vantage points without directly exposing themselves to an easy fire line.

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Re: Snipertown Update Feedback

Post by Tarajist » November 22nd, 2017, 8:55 pm

I have a suggestion of some classes you might consider:
Tank - 16 arrows (I consider that to be a decent middle of the road number of starting arrows so long as more can be picked up from enemy misfires) and an iron helmet and breast plate of projectile protection. You don't need a full set or armour to be strong in this, any one piece with projectile protection 4 would make you a arrow eating stump.

Flamethrower - 16 arrows, flaming bow, 1 red armour piece (boots, helmet, whatever) of fire protection 4. They set enemies on fire and are resistant to enemy flamethrowers.

Power Shooter - 8 arrows, power 3/punch bow (punch just for fun so the enemy KNOWS they just got hit by a power shooter... IF they even survive the shot)

Rapid Fire - 32 arrows.... that's it. Some people just LOVE to spam and that's the only way they feel they can win. So this caters to them, but gives them no other advantages.

Scout - 16 spectral arrows. great way of tackling sneaky problem enemies (like me).

Hex Bow - 16 slow 2 arrows. Not a HUGE advantage but sure can be a detriment to the run and gunners. One hit with the slow arrow and that run and gunner becomes easy pickin's.

just some ideas to spice things up, take advantage of tipped arrows and keep it balanced for everyone.

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