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Rule Book?

Post by groudzero » September 29th, 2017, 4:51 am

I just recently had a issue with a build I did that did that was on the border of one of the rules. But when you type in /rules you get a one line sentence of what the rule is. In some cases, like mine, they can be very vague. I have never been banned before on this or any server and quite frankly shocked me. I fully understand the admins and mods position. It's not a easy job by any means. I once ran my own CS server and it was 'PG-13 friendly' and that was very hard to maintain the family friendly environment. I posted a detailed rule list on a splash screen, but was not very effective. Also enforcing became a issue as well with different members having a diverse interpolation of the rules as well.

So here is my suggestion. Along with the 'WELCOME' book you get when you first log on, you get a rule book as well with more detailed information on what the rules cover and what the consequences are. This would, in my eyes, clear up a lot of gray areas and create a little player-to-player interaction as well. You can re-hand out the book for anyone returning from a infraction.

It's just a idea.
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