Map Contribution

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Map Contribution

Post by cheeseries » July 7th, 2017, 1:41 am


Some of the staff are already aware i used to own a server, which i shut down for personal reasons.
It was a towny server, with some minigames installed. On this server, i had a pretty damn good build team who built some awesome maps for things like mob arena, survival games and capture the flag.
I was looking through my files and found a backup of a map with all the build projects built on it. Theyre very good maps and since theyre all just sitting there, i thought it was a shame for them to have no purpose, so i thought i would offer them to you.
Here are some screenshots of some of the maps we found: ... .24.40.png ... .18.59.png ... .13.42.png

We loaded this up on a 5 slot server we bought for adventure maps, ect. let me know if you want to see all these maps and i can give you the IP to it and the coordinates of the builds

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Re: Map Contribution

Post by I_Punch_Trees » July 7th, 2017, 1:45 am

If you would like me to show them to you, you can add me on skype the email attached to it is or you can hit me or cheese up on the server at any time

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