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Build bias

Post by cheeseries » July 4th, 2017, 6:02 pm

I So, I just feel the need to air this frustration.

I feel like there is either bias or, a lack of understanding by mods on how to judge builds that are not houses or do not include living areas.

I play with 2 friends and thus far they have both had no issues ranking up when they build houses, castles or mansions. Since we live in the same area I chose to build something, or a couple of builds for rank up which are not typical.

One of the builds I used for bronze was a multistory farm. I know, farm sounds bad but if you look at it, it's a very nice looking farm with lots if different materials and a strong structure, it took a lot of time to build and took a lot of thought, more thought than went into my friends house build. When I submitted this build, a mod told me that they had been told it must include some kind if living area. He looked at the build and told me that to get around the guidline I should find somewhere to put a sofa, so I did.

For diamond it's gotten more complicated as 2 mods need to see it. I've built a stables area/barn. Over time I've been told to add bits and pieces. Only half the feedback makes sense for the theme. One included more interior but other staff told me to ignore the feedback because it doesn't fit the theme. Others included more buildings but there is a limit to how many building there can be for a build that is themed for an outside sport. A lot of the advice will lead to a cluttered build which destroys the very thing the build represents.

Over the course of these discussions I have concluded that a lot of the staff seem at a loss when presented with a build that is not a typical build like a house, mansion or castle.
I know some of the advice is right, such as a building on the side, but some was clearly not and I have been told it's not.

But here is my issue- I don't want to constantly build houses or mansions or castles. I've done all those before and I wanted to go off the beaten track without being penalised for it.

I just wanted to voice my frustration. Thanks for reading.

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Re: Build bias

Post by KoriCuore » July 4th, 2017, 7:38 pm

We understand your frustration in this situation and we are currently working on streamlining the rankup process.

What we mean by streamlining this is to make it clear for staff and players alike, what is expected for the ranks and a general yet clear explanation on why we expect them. This process however is still going to take some time so we would like to ask you for your patience in that regard
Specific types of decorations are not required. All we ask in this is that the detail has a nice balance with the build a.k.a. not to full but definitely not to empty which is also dependent on the style/theme the player is going for. I could go into detail in this post however as the process is still being implemented and perfected as much as we possibly can i will not yet do this.

It is important to note though, that we want to encourage players to build in the style they prefer within the server rules. That is why the comments added to the tickets are suggestions rather than hard requirements. We are also working on improving the information staff can see about your build, to include the previous suggestions & comments from other tickets.

On the subject of your personal rankup(s).

We have reviewed the build in question and we really like the build. It is very close to the rank and that's mainly because of the theme.
Hopefully you can understand that the theme although its perfectly fine, requires somewhat less detail than other themes and we do want to try to keep the standards the same across themes. We do agree on suggestions that would go against the theme are not helping and in this case frustrating.
With the diamond rank there is a relatively big step up from the progression of the previous ranks.
This is mostly the case that depending on the theme we want a build to look/feel tied together within the theme and vision of the builder(s).

In this case a bit of landscaping or for example a blacksmith (specifically for horse shoes) would be a fitting addition and could put the entire build over the edge when it comes to ranking.

We do apologize for the struggle and we will additionally be working on a much clearer /warp examples.

In closing i would like to ask you to PM me the information regarding who told suggested you needed to make a living area.

And off course if you ever have any questions feel free to contact a staff member.

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Re: Build bias

Post by cheeseries » July 4th, 2017, 9:05 pm

Thanks for replying. I'm glad to hear that guidelines are being improved. I was already aware that the warp examples was being revamped to include builds that wernt just house or specifically modern houses haha.
In regards to the member of staff who told me to add a living area, I don't want to name names as they've been the most helpful member of staff in every regard.
In terms of asking staff for help, I don't often see any around to be honest. I know they are because they reply to my tickets (12 hours later mind you) but there are long periods where I don't see any.

Thanks for the idea of a blacksmith. That's something that can fit the theme and not be random. I'll get on that when I'm online later :)

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Re: Build bias

Post by I_Punch_Trees » July 5th, 2017, 1:11 am

Along with what cheeseries has stated, there is also a point that I would like to make. When you first submit a diamond+ build it requires 2 staff to judge it i don't mind that its when you do a build and submit it 2 mods come and judge it they tell you it may need a little more so you resubmit it then 2 totally different staff come to judge it with their own opinions on how the build is judged its had to please the way that every staff prefer a build it's easier to just have the same 2 staff judge it in my opinion. Also if you submit a build like mid day for me it seems that they may be no staff or only one for the rest of the day until the europian staff get on which is when I am asleep so I may not get to talk to more will i be there when they judge a build of mine I felt that there should be people that pop on for a little bit throughout the day that can check a build because I'm not sure if I need to add something to my build or its worthy of the rank. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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