Auction MaxBid Bug

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Auction MaxBid Bug

Post by Ion_Monster » July 10th, 2016, 11:46 pm

I believe this bug to be greatly detrimental to the server because of the following explanation.

Player Seller, auctions 1 Stick with a Starting bid of $100, and a bid increase of $10, for 60 seconds.

Player 1 bids $100 with their maximum bid of $10,000.

Things are looking good, until Player 2 bids $110, with a maxbid of $300,000, 2 seconds before the end of the auction.

The auction overwrites the max bid to 300,000, but does not get to the max bid of Player 1. Thus, Player 2 wins the auction for $110, even though Player 1 had a maximum bid of $10,000.

In a typical situation, the maxbid of $10,000 would be reached by the following automatic rally of P1: 100, P2: 110, P1: 120, P2: 130 etc etc etc right up until P1: 10,000, then P2 would auto bid 10,010, thus hitting the maxbid of player 1, and P2 would have the new maxbid of 300000

This bug is bad for the auctions, as anyone with a large balance can bid a huge maxbid with seconds to go, and win for less than another's maximum bid, thus winning items by force, not by legitimate bidding up to other's bids.

This means people with lower balances can be pushed out of auctions that sell for less money than they have, when it should rightfully go above their maximum bid - I dont know if what I am saying makes sense.

On eBay lets say, if you were to maxbid $40 for a cookery book, someone would have to bid OVER $40 in order to beat you, not maxbid $1,000 and beat you at $21.

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Re: Auction MaxBid Bug

Post by TheClowner » July 11th, 2016, 10:23 pm

We've been aware of this for a little while, and I just haven't had time to look into fixing this bug recently.

It is on my TODO list... It's just that list is starting to get a little long :/

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