Report for warps???

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Report for warps???

Post by HeyItsGayle » February 2nd, 2016, 11:31 pm

Hey, I'm TheGoldenJem, since I'm applying for mod, I just submitted my mod app,BUT that's not what I'm talking for. I think, we should be able to do /report warp on a Aztec+ build (you have to be the owner of the build) so mods can make it a warp if it's worthy of the warp. These are some things a /report warp should include for it to be worthy:

1.It needs to include a spawn thingy, and where the /warp is going to be is where you do the report.
2.It need to be a atzec+ build submitted by the owner of the build.
3. After doing /report warp, do a warp name for what the warp would be called (ex:/warp fairyland)

I think this would be a fabulous idea if the staff did this.

Thank you,

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Re: Report for warps???

Post by TheClowner » February 17th, 2016, 3:05 pm

people do often do this anyway, you can really put anything in /report and staff will look at it.. just don't try to waste our time.

Although I have to say we do have quite a number of warps already, they can look a bit confusing if you list them with /warps.

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