SM3DLG Mod Application

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SM3DLG Mod Application

Post by Brandoman667890 » November 9th, 2015, 10:37 pm

Hello i am applying for Traniee-mod

-Name And Ingame Name (Brandon Vanderbush) (SMDLG)
-Why i want to be a mod (i want to be a mod because i haveplayed this servder about a year now and love it i love helping others and i loved helping people with problems and try to make them as happy as they can be i want to take a step foward on this server and help the community out)
-why i would be a good mod (i would be a good mod because i will enforce the rules make sure people are following them and i am very nice and patient with players and will help them as best as i can with problems such as griefing tickets and problems and ect.)
-what you would bring to clownercraft or how you think you can improve it (i can bring satifaction and joy to clownercraft i would bring good help with tickets and roll backs i have had alot of ractice with other roll back plugins and i would be able to provoide good srvice and would be very nice with other players and help them as much as i can with anything they need)
-what experience i have had moderating a server (havent had much i have owned my own server before and thats about it but i learn qucikly and am willing to learn)
-my age and time zone (i am 17 years old in junior year of high school and my time zone is mountain standard time)
-Your first language, and any other languages you can speak fluently (my first and only language is english)
-How long you have played on ClownerCraft (i have played clownercraft for a year or almost a year)

And i do have teamspeak 3 and skype and i have been baned once with fighting with staff but it was temporary not permanent ex (was banned for 24hrs)

and that i s my mod application and i could also help 6 days a week just not friday i record the basket ball team varsity games for my school thanks for your time :D


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