Demo1695 Application.

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Demo1695 Application.

Post by Demo1695 » November 8th, 2015, 10:44 am

- My name is Isaiah, and ingame name is Demo1695
- I want to be a Mod to keep the game fun and friendly for all players.
- I think I would be a good Mod because I have plenty of experience, I start playing Minecraft in Beta 1.8, and over the years I have been both Mod and Admin on multiple different servers.
- If accepted I could bring another friendly and serious staff member to the server.
- I've spent a lot of time on a successful server as a Mod, and some time on others as both Mod and Admin.
- 17, EST
- English.
- I'm not sure, I know it's been quite a few months. My time spent on server is 8.83 days. (I started some time before ReikaRose/LadyRose became Mod)
- I do have/use Skype and TS3.

Thanks for reading! :D


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