MissyChanandler's Application

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MissyChanandler's Application

Post by MissyChanandler » October 2nd, 2015, 1:10 pm

Name:Nil IGN:MissyChanandler

Hi! I want to be a mod because I love this server and helping people out. I also have a lot of free time since my school ends in 1 pm! I think I'd be a good mod because I am a really fast and good leaner and I can help out the server. I believe I am pretty fair. Anyone can ask me for opinions or help I'd be glad to!
My old username was JellyCupcake1 and I had to leave for a while due to ban. I built a treehouse with someone then destroyed the farm that I built. I couldnt appeal for an unban at the time because forum page wouldnt open.
I first started playing last October/November.
I am 14 years old but I am mature. My time zone is EEST (UTC +3). My first language is Turkish. I speak fluent English and a little Spanish (still learning :3)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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