jb8421's Mod Application

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jb8421's Mod Application

Post by jb8421 » September 28th, 2015, 11:39 pm

Dear Everyone,
Hello, my name is Jensen Brock or as you may know me jb8421. I am 13 about to be 14 and I am in the eighth grade. I am in school right now and get on the server more than most people and am currently rank aztec. I am in the Eastern Time zone of North America and get on the server frequently (when I say frequently I mean a lot). I speak English and a little bit of Spanish. I have had no training as a mod but I pick up things quite easily and would love to be a mod. I love this server and I believe that by me being mod will further the advancement of our server. In the following paragraphs I will explain what would make me a good moderator for this server.
Firstly, I know what builds deserve. I do not believe that if someone tries hard but the build is not good, they should not get the rank. I have seen many scenarios where someone gets a rank but doesn’t deserve it, and I believe that this is unfair to people who do try to get the rank. I am in no way dissing the current staff which are doing a great job, but we do need a few things fixed. I have also seen people get to skip ranks when it is not worth any of the ranks. This bothered me on one occasion and it needs to stop.
Next, I am very sociable. I love saying “Welcome back!”, “Welcome!”, and “See ya!” to people coming, joining, and leaving the server. I think I could help in making the newcomers to our server feel welcome. The newcomers just need someone to talk to them and say “Hey” to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable on the server.
Lastly, I believe that I am a very good problem solver. There are people who join our server and say mean things about others and the server. With mod I could not only mute them, but ban them if necessary. Our server has some young players on it, and I don’t think that some of their parents would be happy if they saw bad things on here. That is why we need to stop people who are being obnoxious and rude before it gets out of hand.
In conclusion, I believe that I, jb8421/Jensen Brock, would make an excellent mod and would love to be one. I have listed things that need to be fixed and would love to help. It is just an honor to play on this server and build friendships with people. I hope you understand why I want to be mod and I wish the best of luck to others that apply as well.



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