McSlammy's Mod Application

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McSlammy's Mod Application

Post by McSlammy » September 7th, 2015, 11:04 pm

This is my mod application for me, McSlammy!

Have you ever been banned? I have been banned once when I was player rank from taking stuff from brs117's chest but we were teaming and know each other IRL, we didn't know that we needed to private the signs with each other :P
Are you Bronze+? Yes, I am above Bronze at Modern.
Do you have a skype account? Yes, I do have skype.
Do you have Teamspeak3? I have TS3 As well.

So, I guess first off, I should say my name is Ethan, I'm 14, 15 years old in November but I am very mature for my age. I live in the Pacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00).
The experiences of being a staff member is on this very server while I had my username as Ethanjp9875 and I had to quit off notice because of real life problems
which won't happen again. Also, I have been a mod on some other small servers. I want to be mod for that one reason, I regret having to quit because I enjoyed the mod position more than you can imagine!
I could be a good mod because I know what I'm doing, For example Roll backs, ticket system, and group manager and the rules of the server. I can improve the server because I have been
on here for a little below two years and I've seen stuff come, and go. Also, I am extremely helpful with projects and I love to help fellow players.
I'm very loyal because of the fact that I have nothing better to do and away from school, I'm basically always on around 4-6 hours per day, even if I have school.
The language I speak Is English but I'm taking Spanish at school ;) I will always be on the Team speak and I can be your "Go to" for any help or opinion!
Other than that, I don't need any training unless some rules have changed around, but if they did, I can pick up on it very quick.
I know that being mod isn't all fun and games which is why I will devote as much time as I can for Clownercraft because this server is very important to me!
Im very eager to hear from whoever is watching and I hope that I can be mod again because I miss it more than you can imagine.

Thank you very very very much for looking at this application and I hope that
you enjoyed. If I don't get this spot as trainee, than I hope that another worthy person can get
it too :D


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Re: McSlammy's Mod Application

Post by Lilly » September 22nd, 2015, 3:27 pm

Grats :) Youve been accepted as our new trainee mod!

We will start training after we've caught you online and promoted you :)


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