WinterBlob's Moderator/Staff application!

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WinterBlob's Moderator/Staff application!

Post by _WinterBlob » June 28th, 2015, 5:35 pm


This will be WinterBlob's moderator application, and I will go over each bullet point on "How to Apply for Trainee-Mod" post by Clowner.
Just as a note, I assume "Below Bronze-age rank" Means below it, and not including Bronze. I just cannot seem to reach a shiny new rank :(
-My name that I go by will be Winter, In game, but by actual name is Aden. :D
-Why I want to be a moderator? Well, when I get on the server I frequently have few things to do. I don't have any goals. But, Moderator (Or Trainee), to me Is a huge goal that I am trying to achieve. I believe that I can bring smart actions and experience with a place in staff. And, also frequently, I see no mods on. I have (too much) time on my hands, and seeing as it's summer, I will be able to play a lot, to make up more moderating time for players who want a rank-up or grief fixed. :D
-Why I would be a good mod? Well, I have experience moderating on 3 different servers, 2 of which were much like this one. The other being a PvP server. I also have lots of time to moderate, and a lot of patience e to deal with the most persistent players.
In short? -Lots of experience
-Lots of Time
- Lots of Patience
-To Clownercraft, I could bring a unique personality and experiances along with innovative and creative ideas. I could bring a good service to the people of C.C.
-As I stated before, I have had experience in 3 different servers, two of which were using mostly the same plug-ins, so I know a lot of commands. I Have grown patient, and have good judgment.
-15, going on 16 very soon, and my timezone is Pacific, In the San Fransico area of California.
-English is my first language, and I am currently taking Spanish 1st year. No grace, only moderate understanding.
-I'd say 1 2/3 year to 2 1/2 years. Ive seen players go and come, whole communities of players disband, and many-a bans.
-Finally, how much time I have. I have ALOT of free time. 12 hours daily. 10 of which go into minecraft. 8 of which are for Clowner. And, all 8 can be used for moderating. 8 hours daily, 8 hours for moderating.

So, there you go! I hope you all had fun reading. I hope you do consider picking me, as I will not stop playing until I get mod. Not even death will stop me :D


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