ClickRaids' Staff Application

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ClickRaids' Staff Application

Post by oClickMeh » June 17th, 2015, 10:53 pm

Name And In-Game Name My real name is Jeremiah, in game name is _ItsClick, it used to be ClickRaids

Why I Want To Be A Moderator I would like to be a moderator in Clowner Craft for so many things. So as school, school is over for me, therefore I will be very active. I am a respectful, responsible person which gives me the qualities to become a moderator. I have a great personality and I always have a way to make people feel happy, as so feel better when they are blue. I also have an addiction which makes me help way to much. I want to use that ability with a tag, so people appreciate and know how happy and overwhelmed I am to help. I also want this server to grow. I want to put forth my dedication to the server. Being a moderator in this server will not only fill joy and overwhelm me of happiness, but it will make the community a better place with my knowledge and pride. If I get accepted. You will not regret how many people you will make happy and how better the server shall be.

Why I Would Be A Great Moderator As I stated, I will be a great moderator because I will use my passion in a happy, positive way. Clowercraft will be a better place with my knowledge and to make everyone feel joyed and happy more than it already is!

What I Can Bring to ClownerCraft/How I Can Make ClownerCraft A Better Place I can bring more joy and more players. I can bring more joy because I will use my ability to make people feel good about themselves such as complements and niceness. I can bring more players because I will be starting a series on my channel called 'Life as a Server Moderator' on my youtube channel, so as making people feel happy, and some people like being treated amazingly, which will bring more players.

What Experience I Have Moderating a Server I was trainee/helper on a big server with 200-300 people at all times. It is called 'Fearpvp.' I have most of my knowledge there. I was also a staff member on a survival server called 'AdventureDayz Survival.' I also have some experiences because I was owner on a server and I know how to use pex, group manager, and ticket options as this server.

My Age and Timezone I am fourteen years old and my timezone is eastern time.

First Language and Any Other Language I Can Speak Fluently My first language in English and I can speak Spanish fluently, as English.

How Long I Have Played In ClownerCraft I have play in this server for over 4 months already.

How Much Time I Can Spend on The Server/Moderating I can probably spend 4-5 hours a day in Clowner Craft

Extra I have made an application before, but I have been denied. If I get denied again, I won't give up and still be the person I always was in Clowner Craft! Thank you for even taking the time to read my application!


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