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PureClarity's Mod app

Post by Annabel » June 12th, 2015, 4:57 am

My name is Annabel and my IGN is PureClarity it used to be Puppylover12700 then it was Puppylover0, I'm 18, my first language is English but I can speak some pretty rad high school French. My time zone is EST.

Why I would like to be a mod:
--I want to help keep the server a pleasant environment for players to enjoy themselves. I also feel like I'm on the server when people threaten to hack and do bad things and no one is around to stop them. I basically just want to be a part of a staff team that prevents immaturity, disrespect, and overall misconduct of players and just keep the server a fun drama free place to hang out.

Why I would make a good mod:
--I always try to keep a pleasant and positive attitude. I'm be patient yet firm while interacting with players who have misbehaved. I know when appropriate to use bans, mutes and other punishments. I'm respectful of myself and others and I'm pretty self-aware.

What I can bring to the table:
--I can bring my optimistic outlook on things to the server. I know how to stay calm and collected when dealing with people. I am told I'm wise beyond my years and I think I'm pretty mature. I will always make it my first priority to help others. I can also help with promoting the server, I'll try my hardest to vote daily as well as promote it to the people I know and on my social media. If my building skills are deemed worthy enough I also would help to build things for the server, whether it be warps, spawns, or just buildings in general, I'd try my hardest to be productive on the server and contribute good ideas.

--I've moderated before and am very familiar with the ticketing systems and rollback plugins, so would need little to no training command wise.

How long I've played this server and how much time can be spent moderating:
--I've played this server for some time now, I think I joined summer of last year. Since I'm out of school I can pretty much spend all my time moderating if need be.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


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