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Cakeys Mod App :)

Post by CakeyCat » June 11th, 2015, 10:09 pm

Hello, My IGN is CakeyCat, and my real name is Kadison.
Why would I like to be a mod?
Despite my young age, I want to be a mod because I can deal with certain situations well without getting angry in-game, and I have a pretty good understanding of the rules. I can teach players to build, and I have a good understanding of what kind of rank a person would get for a build. I am very active on the server and I stick to the rules all the time.
Why would I be a good mod?
I have good experience with helping players to get ranks, and alerting mods when something goes wrong. I have taught and helped most of my friends get ranks on ClownerCraft, and I am very friendly towards players and mods, and I don't freak out in a situation I can't solve. I either alert a mod, or I stay calm until I can do something about it.
What I could bring to ClownerCraft?
I could bring more people and I could bring more fairness, and fun, and patience towards tickets, and I could restock warps quiet frequently.
What experience do I have moderating a server?
I have gotten moderator on my friends' servers multiple times, and I own a realm, used to own an actual server, but the servers I am moderator on are always empty so there's no reason to moderate on them. I have never moderated with plug-ins before, but I am a quick learner.
My age/timezone?
I am Nine, and my timezone is GMT +12, since I live in New Zealand
My first language?
I only speak english.
How long have I played on ClownerCraft?
I've played since late November/Early December 2014, I know this might not be long enough, or I might not be old enough, but it's worth a shot for me to try!
How much time do I spend on the server?
I spend some of the day, and if I had mod I'd be on, like all weekend, and all before/after school time I have. I could use IT ALL for moderating, and maybe get rid of some to play mini-games, or building/stocking a warp.
Thank you for reading this, and I hope this will make the standards of a good mod app!! :D
Sincerely, CakeyCat.


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