ThatGamingTurtle's application <3

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ThatGamingTurtle's application <3

Post by ThatGamingTurtle » April 19th, 2015, 5:05 am

Irl Name-Westin Roberson
Why I want to be mod-Well this game gets boring after a while as we all know so i have almost reached that state and i want to find something new to keep me non bored all day. Basicly im saying i want to be mod so i can have some fun while helping out and keeping people happy.
Why I would be a good mod-Well i am a common guy there isnt anything special with me that someone dosent have so the main reason i would be a good mod is i my self know some of the commands and i have been on the server for a good bit.
What you could bring to ClownerCraft or How you think you can improve the server- Well stating i could bring another helping hand for the load to make this job nice and easy for the other admins and mods. I can also bring a happier experience to the newer players.
What experience you have in moderating a server- I have been a server owner and a server admin a lot of times and i know a lot of commands and i know the basics and some advancements of being a admin/mod
Your Age-14
Time Zone-Eastern
Your first language, and any other languages you can speak fluently-English and i know a bit of french
How long you have played on ClownerCraft- I dont remember the exact time but i can say around a year and a half.
How much time you spend on the server, and how much of that you can use for Moderating- I can spend around 5-7 hours a day on the server and if it needs it bad enough i can use all of that time moderating.
Thank you for reading my mod application wish me luck


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